We know you love learning new things.
We'll take you through how to optimise your orbitkey.

Carry less with three-A's.

First thing’s first - let’s have a look at your current, faithful old key-chain. Often, we unconsciously carry every single key that’s ever touched our key-chain - even if we don’t really need every key anymore.

These three A’s method will help you let go of the extra baggage - and to help free your mind in the process.


Make a list of all the keys you are currently carrying, and figure out what they are for.


Take a moment to think about which keys you actually need with you at all times. Just like how The Minimalists use a 90 day rule for belongings, we’d suggest using 30 day rule for keys.

Think about what you absolutely must carry when you leave home – probably your house or apartment key, car key, and maybe a mailbox key or similar.
All of your other keys will likely have some sort of context dependence, and can therefore be kept elsewhere. For example, you drive to the gym, so your gym key can live in the glove compartment.

Or, you might always go home to pack before going to your holiday home, so those keys can be kept in a safe place at home.


Once you have clarified which keys are for what purpose, you need to figure out how you’ll manage it all moving forward.

Consider adapting your routine, so that you pop home to grab the keys to your holiday home rather than carrying them with you at all times.

Similarly, you can adapt how you store your keys – instead of keeping everything in one bunch, have different keyrings for different purposes (such as house keys and work keys).

Now you have the absolute essentials, let’s move to the next step.

Assemble your orbitkey


I just realised my keys do not fit the 4mm / 0.157in key hole requirement. What do I do?

Solution 1 - The trick is to strategically place your smaller-holed key to avoid the 4mm shaft. This however means you need to have a few other keys / USB key / bottle opener to fill up the 5mm shaft space as shown

Solution 2 - You can enlarge the hole size using a file or drill. It requires a bit of extra effort, but with the right tool it takes just under 1 minute!

Solution 3 - As a last resort, you can always utilize the optional attachment for anything that doesn't fit.

I cannot disassemble / loosen my Orbitkey. What should I do?

Most likely you have over-tightened your Orbitkey. To resolve this issue you need to twist one side of the band anticlockwise for ONE full rotation while holding the other side of the band stationary. Please see the video below for more detailed instructions.