Orbitkey x Chipolo - Say goodbye to bulky trackers

Track and locate what matters most while keeping it minimal.

Melbourne, AU (October 2019) – Bulky trackers are a thing of the past! Meet the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker - the only Bluetooth-enabled tracker on the market with the narrowest shape, designed to fit seamlessly into any type of key organiser or standard keyring out there.

For our first foray into the world of technology, we’re proud to partner with Bluetooth tracker giant, Chipolo who boasts one of the world’s largest Bluetooth tracker communities to ensure that you have eyes on your valuables at all times.

To save yourself the hassle of looking for your belongings in the wrong place, you can make the tracker ring within seconds or see its last location via the free Chipolo app on iOS and Android enabled devices. Simply push the button on the Tracker twice in quick succession, and a ring tone of 90-95dB will be played on your Tracker. With the included tassel, you can loop the Tracker onto your camera bag, keys, wallet, camera or any other valuable items.

The Tracker also allows you to find your misplaced phone, if it is within range, by double- pressing the tracker. It also works when your phone is on silent mode. But if you are out of range or your item is no longer in the last known location, fret not - just ask the Chipolo community for help via the Chipolo Search feature!

And this is where it gets interesting... If any Chipolo Community member running the Chipolo App comes in range of the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker, their Chipolo App will send you an anonymous update of the Tracker’s most recent location. This way, you can stay calm knowing that you can locate your belongings with ease, whether it is your latest camera purchase or the expensive headphones you just got. By keeping tabs of these essential tech gadgets with the Tracker, you can focus on the more important things in life.

To keep the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker usable for the years to come, we’ve opted for a user-friendly and replaceable battery, so you don’t need to discard the Tracker entirely. The included battery lasts up to six months and is recyclable too. The Chipolo app will notify you when the battery runs low.

Last but not least, the Tracker also functions as a selfie remote, allowing you to trigger your mobile camera shutter via the Chipolo App.

Priced at USD$34.90, AUD$49.90 and €32.90, the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker comes in two fresh colours - Black and Stone.


Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker Features

Find your valuables
The Tracker works via Bluetooth and is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device. The range can extend up to 150 ft (50 m) when there is a clear line of sight from the device to the Orbitkey Tracker. Simply push the button on the Tracker twice in quick succession and a ring tone of 90-95dB will be played on your Tracker. The Tracker can also be used to locate your phone.

Chipolo Community
Through the established network of Chipolo’s Bluetooth tracker community, you’ll be able to locate your belongings even if you are out of range or your item is no longer in the last known location.


Water resistance

The Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker has an IP52 rating which means that it can survive a light splash of water or rain.

Replaceable battery
The battery included with the Orbitkey tracker lasts up to 6 months and is easily replaceable. When the battery runs low, the Chipolo app will remind you to purchase a new battery (type: CR1620).

Selfie remote
Snap a selfie or a group photo with the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker selfie remote. Trigger your mobile camera shutter via the Chipolo App.

About Orbitkey
Orbitkey is a lifestyle brand helping people live better lives through clever and innovative organisation solutions. It started in 2013 with a simple idea to solve the frustration of carrying messy keys. With the support of the crowdfunding community, the first Orbitkey Key Organiser was brought to life. Since then, Orbitkey has launched six Kickstarter campaigns, raising over US$3.25 million.

Today, Orbitkey is a team of 26 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. As they constantly strive to redefine the way we organise, their product range has since grown to help people organise more than just their keys. In April 2020, Orbitkey also became a Climate Neutral Certified brand.


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